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Weird. I’m googling for comments on the PS3 as a HTPC. I’m not finding anything. For the most part the comments about the PS3 revovles around the question of price and it’s mainly complaints that I read.

Give me a break. It’s NOT expensive. This is not a Ninendo gaming system only trying to be just that. It’s not a gaming system at all. Period. I can see where it gets confusing for people spending all their days playing games. I don’t know how many times I’ve read statements from Sony where they over and over state that you’re buying a computer system and a very nice one at that. It’s a PC, pure and simple. This means that while Microsoft is clinging on to “oh no! the Xbox is a super special game system – you need propiertory hardware!” (so they can assrape you further on the price tag) .. make idiotic demands such as require another computer (whoopsie! I called the Xbox 360 a computer, well my bad) in order for the darn thing to play various media formats… Sony takes a leap forward and telling it like we all know it is (or appearantly what I wish everybody knew)… it’s a god damn computer and you can pretty much do with it as you please.

I mean shit! Of course the 360 is cheaper. Now why is that? That when you buy a 360 you get a decently mean system at a ridiculous price? Because they have a grand master plan!

  1. They’ll screw you over by charging your ass of the wall, from everything from a simple “HD-kit” (component output) to perhaps a “futuristic container” where you can store that gigantic power supply so that you can once again have FURNITURE in your living room and not use it as a leg rest. Damn it’s embarrassing when you come over to your friends place and ask them if they got a new ugly LADA and consequently, why the heck did you park it under the TV?!
  2. They’ll sodomize you with über overcharged accessories. Oh what’s that? You want to put a generic 10 bucks a pop webcam into our nice toy? Haha we don’t think so, here, buy this piece of shit for 80 bucks instead? Why? Because we put our neat little sticker on it! It’s Official Gear son, capital o and capital g, come on!
  3. They’ll make your life insanly miserable with coming up with all sorts of security checks and copyright protections for EVERYTHING YOU REALLY WANT TO DO. Xvid you say? Fuck that, only pirates and anyone with an IQ above 30 uses that, here, have some nicely newly squeezed ass – we call it WMV! Oh but in order to actually do that you’ll need a computer..see that wouldn’t work on our sir.. you need a computer for tricky stuff like, come on, everybody knows that!
  4. Haha so you actually want to watch the WMV huh don’t you? Awesome! BOHICA! Bend Over Here It Comes Again! You need Windows MediaCenter. What’s Media Center? Oh it’s just the same old same old..but we switched some stickers around and hid all the good stuff..or well.. the confusing stuff we actually configuring anything to act like you want it to act.. it must act the MS way.. which is shit! Haha..hoho.. you’ll love it.

Don’t you just hate it? I don’t understand how these things sells. I mean who in the heck, in their right mind, actually buys the idea that you can only play games on a 360 and you’d need something as stupid as another piece of hardware to get the piece of shit to do something else. The 360 is like a fine, sexy sprucy lady that would looove a night out in the town, but she can’t go because she has been forced to live her life as a nun.. pouting..24/7 cause the only thing left to do is read the good ol book.

The 360 could do anything if MS didn’t have it’s hands so stuffed in their pockets looking for more fourteen year old dollars to land in there. The sad thing those dollars are coming in from high and low.
It really is that bad isn’t it. They have succeeded in creating users that are basically monkeys, happy with whatever piece of shit banana you put in front of them. Oh look, a blue colored one! Let’s get it! I know I’ve been sadened by the fact that most teenagers these days don’t even know what “CD” stands for, or what a command prompt is for… but they sure as heck know that if they put a cd into the tray of a Windows XP based system, something will pop and they can just next-click their asses until they can finally, finally, play that darn game.

Don’t you miss the old days, when getting a game to run took some darn hard work! Sitting the middle of the night..trying to figure out which part of the autoexec.bat fucked with the sound settings..or configuring some memory settings just to get it running a bit smoother.

Well I don’t. But at the same time… I don’t know.. stupid users sucks. That’s why I used to hate Mac OS. “Oh it’s soooo simple” … great… you robot.. at least my OS, Windows, crashes, gets some darn bluescreen and have shitty drivers. Ten bucks sais that your system has some nice blue screens too…they just don’t was just those times you had to close one program to get the other one working correctly. Well thats much better. Pure genius.

Anyway. Thank god for Mac OS X which is a step in the right direction. As well as moving to x86. And anyway. The PS3 comes with a damn BD player, HDMI output, the OPTION of putting whatever generic piece of hardware that has a USB connection one on end. Just the fact that it gives you these options and has some sweet stuff in it from the beginning is, for me, easily worth the price tag. Oh and that GPU would, alone, cost more if you bought if for a PC today.

Thank god for Sony for making innovation and curiosity a part of my livingroom. I have NEEDED a reason to get a nix based system in my life (if Adobe could pull their head out of their asses Windows would be long gone).

PS3 hooked on Linux, running Skype, connected to a Bluetooth headset, hooked up via an external digital decoder for the nice fat flat TV (two timing as a TiVO in case there was, against all probability something on that we couldn’t get of a torrent), having a god damn USB coffee heater connected to keep the coffe warm (why not?), having a nice disk stack on the side of it (why not a nice round number like 1TB) and using it as a webserver..not to mention it will look so cool your pants will get warm…anyone?

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  1. Sure i dont like MS tactics more than most do, but they atleast know that gamers(yes gamers, the public for these machines) want. If i wanted a htpc i would build one myself, i want a game machine. How many used ps2 as a DVD, i know 0 people that did. And im 99.9% sure you havent either??:) So sure, i will buy a ps3 for its games, if the ps3 will fail as a game machine(which i doubt) i have a cheap BRay machine. But i wouldnt buy a blueray player in the first place. Im sure that 60-80 percent of the buyers wouldnt care less if the ps3 came with a DVD player, if they got it for a better price. Its easy for you to say that the price is ok, you dont sound like youre saving every penny just so you get by???

  2. Hehe. Yes it’s true that I don’t save every penny just to get me by, at the same time I don’t think anyone should be buying the Xbox 360 if they are doing that. In many (oh so many) ways I think I’m more economic than the average buyer. I don’t even own a PS2, it was too much of a limited machine and I probably wouldnt have used it for the DVD option alone.
    My thing is that I wouldn’t just buy anything soley for games and I don’t really understand why anyone would (have to). To me it’s like slightly ignorant to buy a “game machine” just to play games, and give in to the idea that what you have bought is only meant for that. MS understands what gamers want – sure, but they also know how to maximize their profits. MS could easily fulfill your needs as a gamer but still leave options open for you if you would want to play MP3, watch movies and so on. Instead they force you to buy other shit, shit you don’t really need, in order to do so. I mean shit, just look at what a chipped good old Xbox can do compared to the one you buy in a store. Why shoud we have to chipp the fucking thing to get what we want (and there is NO mistake in that we want to chip them, not to play illegaly copied games but to UNLOCK the potential of the Xbox system…the computer..)
    To me it’s making a moron out of the gamer, saying that i”f you want to play games . you can do only that on our machine…if you want to do anything else, you need all this”. Why not open the system up and let the end user “be all they can be” and do what they want?
    To me the price tag of the PS3 is completley justified by that – they let you do what you want. You don’t NEEED to spend a lot of dollars in buying “official gear” – buy what you want. You don’t need any “adapters” to this or that, just use what you would use for your average PC.
    To me, The Xbox 360 is basically an extreme, by MS forced, short term investment, the PS3 with all it’s options is more of a long term. It’s like buying a TV or anything expensive..what do you want to do.. set up a payment plan of 25$ (something with a something rate applied to it) a month for 10 month or just pay 2000 bucks straight up. Anyone knows that paying 2000 straight up is a better investment. Sure, not everybody can do that if they need it “right now”…but to me, it’s just better to save up a bit then.
    You say you would just build a HTPC if you wanted one. My point is that there is no need to do that really and if anything..that sounds like it’s coming from someone who doesn’t have to save every penny:)

  3. Excellent rant lars – your fanboy friends will be proud of you.

    But what have SONY said about the media capabilities of the PS3? I`m not trying to provoke an argument, i`m genuinley curious, because like you, I can`t find any hard details on the net.

    If the PS3 can do all the stuff you say it can then why are sony keeping quiet? Its hardly like sony to be all shy about their new baby.

    I`ve seen the front end of the PS3 in videos and it looks nice, but all i`ve seen in the media arena is viewing pictures and movie trailers. That no different to 360, not connected to a media centre.

    Wheres the screenshots? Where the interviews with sony staff?

    Its not like sony don`t have a track record of misleading consumers!

  4. My fanboy friends lol?
    They’ve stated over and over again that it’s a PC and that Linux will ship with it and that they want to empower developers (or you and me) to build their own apps for it. That, to me, isn’t a far stretch from saying “do what you want with it”. Their responses for “downgrading” the number of USB/Ethernet ports are that there’s no reason to include so many since you can simply just install an USB hub or a router.

    Of course they could simply be telling lies, but I’m having a hard time seeing that it would be so. I’m not an avid gamer so I don’t know in what way they have been “misleading consumers”. I can imagine they’ve showed CG instead of ingame at shows (which anyone should take with a grain of salt).. what statements have they made that were misleading before?

    “Just showing pictures and trailers” IS a big deal, since it DOESN’T need to have an extra computer. And neither should the 360.

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