19 hour shift with The District SF

Zzzz. Been working my ass of completley for about a week now with The District SF. Everything from hosting to graphics to web to MySpace. Man am I tired now. And geez what a piece of shit MySpace is. How did that get to be so big? Man alive there are so many completley shitty sites! They should totally NOT allow HTML code.. or rather some people shouldn’t attempt it. But the whole thing of sitting and finding ways to do stuff..being locked into a confied space and using DIVs and..gosh…crap. There are sooo many better Open Source soloutions out there which could build you a better community.. but.. that’s the way it goes.

I’m leaving for my folks home today..after I’ve slept.. I will stay far away from the computer until sunday. A well needed break from MyCrap and everything TDSF. And on monday it’s back to the ole colemines… but I got another 3 weeks of vacation at the end of july. And then we will have moved to the new, nice big appt. Can’t wait.

Oh and I’ve been using Gmail/Gcalendar a ton now. TDSF will be using Google Calendar to schedule their shows. Awesome webapps…

By the way, RegisterFly.com sucks, we switched hosting instantly to MediaTemple.
Hm.. this feeling of being semidrunk of exhaustion, being tired, makes me almost nostalgic about the days of loooong nights and morning of LANs with my fellow nerds. Ah.. those were the days.. QuakeWorld CTF until 6 in the morning.

Gahh anyway. Time to sleep. Gnite.