It sucks when you’re in a major chiplead only to play sooo extremly bad. Gah! Gah! Sloppy!

Been playing Texas Hold ‘Em every week with a couple of guys from work, friends and other folks. It’s been going pretty well but the last two times I have flunked out… tonight things were looking good the second round…major chiplead, I join the hand preflop… the guy after me raises with a thousand (we had 2500 initially, quite a strong bet)… the guy was in the big blind me, with a 10-7 calls.
Flop is 7, J and some other crap… I take a (STUPID) chance and go all in.. of course he calls.. since he has J/A… and so I almost go out..went completley out two hands later. Moargh! I suck at loosing…well it’s one thing when it’s just simple luck with cards..but when I suck it’s just so much worse.

Anyway. Get the album “Youth Group – Skeleton Jar”, the title of the cd is also by far the best song. Also get their cover of Alphavilles “Forever Young”, ten times better than the original.

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