Weow. Long time no update. That seems to be the current trend here. So what’s new? Well not much..

I’m going to take a peek at a appartment here in Sundsvall this weekend, I need to get a small place here since commuting is just killing me.. besides I need to be able to get to the gym a good 4-5 times a week. Been hitting it now the last three days and man it feels great. I need to get some cardio in there too tho, but the weather has been shitty and well..everything takes time.

I’ve been buying “Gainomax”:http://www.gainomax.com a lot lately, mainly because I’m too lazy to mix and bring the protein.. The stuff is good but damn expensive, I’m gonna bring some good ol Protec to the city and start using that + grape juice instead. Same thing basically and ten times cheaper.

I might catch the new Star-Wars this weekend, I know for sure it’s time to punish the legs on saturday with a good press. Hm…well I don’t really have much else to write. It feels awesome to be back in the gym and be able to push it all the way.

Life is good. Knock on wood.

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