Not much news

Not much news worth mentioning. Well of course something neat always whatever..

Ate a ton today on this easters evning, I feel absolutley stuffed. I can feel myself getting a tad sick too, my throat is sort of getting scratchy and clogged up and it’s time to lay low on the workout..again..siiighhh.. I’ve just been getting started and been to the gym more or less every day this week. Been doing a lot of cardio to get the juices up running.. but I’ve felt that something isn’t quite right..and it’s this small cold nagging me… and in order not to let it become something more evil I gotta chill.

I’ll most likely go to a small LAN gathering tomorrow.. but my throat is fucking up.. I’ll see what happens.

Saw Flight of the Phoenix… I’m not even gonna link it up, what a piece of shit.

Oh yeah everybody have gotta heard about _Terri Schiavos_ by now right? Yes it is awful the way she is going and so on but god damnit, respect her wishes. But it’s hipocritical bullshit at the same time, why not just blow her head off (or something involving less gore). This is just a horrible, horrible form of assisted dying. Then again there are worse ways to go..assuming she is mentally gone..well there still are..

Just take 1 Terri and add 50 kg of flesh eating insects.
And in that spirit… “Link of the day”:

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