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*More on Piracy..*
Well here we go again..
For the first time ever a swedish citizen has been charged with
sharing copyright protected material (in form of media.. movies/music) off his computer, in this case it is the swedish movie “Hipp Hipp Hora”: The person was reported to the swedish police by.. drumroll… APB and the police followed up. The evidence seem to be in form of nothing less than monitoring his uploads (or more likely, downloading from him and saving the logs..). How APB got his name from the IP one might wonder.. or maybe they just submitted a heap of logs to the police and they picked one at random. Who knows. “More on this in swedish..”:

The evening newspaper Aftonbladet is also “running a story”:,2789,622270,00.html on this and has an interview with the prosecutor Katrin Rudstrom. This case could become precedent to others, in short if this guy is sentenced to pay only a fine it would rule supervision of IP-adresses for the sake of establish eventual piracy illegal (since the crime is considered minor).. if not, he’ll get the lightest of prison time possible and swedish pirates (yarr!) are gonna have to watch their backs a lil more.

“There’s also rumors about a new super ftp in space”:view.php?image=ftp.gif

*The Firefox*
Mozilla Firefox today reached version 1.0.2, everybody should know
this by now but if not “get it”:

*Students asked to leave Ipod at home*
Now isn’t this stupid. Half the point of wearing the darn thing is having an excuse not to stop and talk with meaningless people..
Students attending Syndney, Australia’s private International Grammar School are being asked either to leave the white gadgets at home.. more on “Engadget”:

Nasa has released info on their previously mentioned cash prizes for private space engineers feeling lucky.. “more”:

You need to check this out also, Nasa has spotted some new cool planets using infrared.. “more”:

I’m hella curious as to what kind of a newspaper exactly IndianDaily is? Is it a big, generally taken serious newspaper? It seems to be online.. the only thing popping out from that newspaper tho are the many articles of UFOs & ETs.. just “check their recent posts”: in the tech section of the newspaper