Noticed today that the anime of Hiromu Arakawas “Full Metal Alchemist”: is completed.. I can’t say I’ve eagarly awaited its release but it sure is a nice surprise for slow days such as this one. I really dig this anime both in it’s visual style and story. It becomes surprisingly brutal and bloody as the story unfolds. And yes, I am a nerd, I will be posting some stuff about manga and anime here from time to time because of that.

Went to the gym. Which was open nice enough, could be because I bothered to check the hours this time. Did some sweet cardio. Altho it wasn’t that sweet since I sweated a lot. So more salty than sweet. Click “here”: for more awesome humor.

I might have another web-gig, I will know tomorrow.

This is nice, everybody knows “”: but has anybody been to “”: ?

Caught a glimpse of someone called Darin on TV today and felt a sudden urge to chew off my arm just to have something to throw at the screen. “This is better”:

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