Violence & Threats

Well. Just for fun I posted a thumb of a poster I made like a couple of weeks ago.. I need to get better with Illustrator, but I’m slowly working on it :]

I’ll be posting more here later on tonight. I’m also going to add links to previous articles for those truly bored (I mean c’mon you gotta be bored to read this in the first place).

*Update:* I’ve added a lil thing that will allow for browsing backwards. Calender seemed like overkill.. even listing the dates didn’t seeme necessary. I’ll try too see if I can figure something nice out about adding a link up to eventual article images.. this textpattern sorta sucks in a lot of ways I think I’ll have to do some manual h4x0ring tho.

Working on getting, and linked directly to the same webhost as… no more frame forwarding. Also added quite a few bitmaps to the gallery, none of em really new or anything tho. Btw you can navigate the gallery with the keyboard forward and backward arrows.

Got an annoying bug with the localconnection I used to send vars between the gallery swf and the head swf. Flash didn’t seem to like Firefox when tabs with other swfs were open. Found the solution at “”: Fucking thing is still sort of bugging tho altho it’s better now. Well hopefully it’s only me having multiple instances of this site open.

Argh. Continued O.C lameness. Drunk bitches picking fights, pitty fest for the drunk hunk and the poor little rich girl who just wants to come home. “I color co-ordinated the baloons”.. GOD! The advanced construction of a trjoan horse for the bonfire… oh gosh, the dilemmas and troubled minds of these fuckers. Oh and the scene when Ryan stands up on the beach and starts barking orders being all manly and shit.. man, did my man-juice just like BOIL or what. Just like Marissa (who dates a “rich fat dude”: in real-life btw) I got the chubby of a lifetime! Weak!

_My old man always swore that hell would have no flame.. Just a front row seat to watch your true love pack her things and drive away…_ Song of the day: “Pedro the Lion – Poision”:,,2868796,00.html

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