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*Update:* Been trying some different things here today. Using iframes just wasn’t a good solution at all… I don’t like em in general but they screwed up the navigation.. going to use clean sections instead and pass vars to flash..even tho I don’t really like the idea of reloading the header flash file for every page (altho I wont be doin that really since it’s cashed, loads content dynamically and it’ll just change depending on the section). Hm I might do div’s tho. That’s prolly smoothest.

Well I’ve got a new look up here. As you might have noticed it’s a tad under construction, as of now all the links above here are dead. The gallery is extremley near completion however.. I was just stalled by some work & games :]

I’ve recently been listening a lot to a band called “Clann Zú”: ,very awesome band. Especially the song “One Bedroom Appartment”: click that one for the mp3 which is avail from their website.

I also saw the 2 hours ABC special on UFO’s presented by their Peter Jennings. Nothing new in there for me but noobs might find some new interesting facts and speculations. Personally I found their dismissal of the Rosswell incident hillarious – they didn’t even list witnesses, mention the fact that military personell on their death beds have sworn it were in fact an object of ET origin. Not a weatherballoon meant to spy on the russians.

Personally I would have dealt more with the encounters NASA astronauts have had and the fact that one of them, Gordon Cooper has lectured the UN on the severity of the UFO issue. And yes I know it’s BS that he was the first astronaut in space to witness a UFO (despite what the ‘lore’ might say). In Art Bells coast to coast in 1999 he denied this, BUT – “he still stands firm on the fact that he did saw extra-terrestial vehicles both mid-air over germany and one landing at Edwards Air Force Base”:

Gah god damnit. Well “sooner or later”:, we’ll all get to know the truth.

Anyone seen the recent “O.C”: episodes by the way? It’s getting old again, like they don’t know in what direction to steer the show. This “mid-life” crisis is something the show seems to suffer from every season (remember the Oliver story of last season? pure shit). And what’s up with Ryan acting like a pussy. Punch somebody please.

It’s funny how watching anime and reading comics all of a sudden has turned into something rather..jaunty.. in american tv. Seth in The O.C and Ephram from Everwood.

I watch too much TV.

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  1. Yeah man, you do indeed watch to much tv.
    Bu then again, let everyone have his own hobby.
    Bout the ufo thing, i dunno man, if i had the time i would maybe dig into it cuz its damn interesting, but dont have the time, so appreciate u keepin me posted on the issue ;-)

    Greetz from NL

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