me, lethal darkside nerd

Been playing “Star-Wars Knights of The Old Republic 2”: most of the day, cool game. Absolutley not cool tho when you forget to save… I’ve pounded the keyboard and desktop good today..
My character is well on his way down the dark path of the force..moahaha (is there anyone who plays a game goodie-tooshie when you can insult and virtually murder innocent people instead?).

Also been doing some sketching on a poster thingy the old man wanted me to look at. Listening to “The Bravery”: .. seems like a pretty sweet band. It’s a shame tho.. Kent toured the US too early, it’s like now bands heavy with their influences are popping up all over..The Killers…Kills…and now The Bravery.. Well, doesn’t really matter.. Kent would probably go and suck if they hit it too frikkin big.

Also nice with bands and sing/song-writers who sticks to Swedish. The local tounge hits harder.

Been listening a lot to old Bush albums too.. well mainly _the science of things_ and Anna Ternheim found her way into my playlist yesterday too and stuck on repeat for a while.

If you haven’t seen the FF4 trailer, “check it out”: .. looks pretty sweet. Or is it just me..comics anyone…no? Oh not to mention the new Batman Begin trailer that aired during superbowl sunday…mgah (same link). Going to check out Constantine the day before I take off… “Neo gone demon hunter”… seems interesting.


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