t-minus ten days left

Ten days left until take-off. Liam went back home for a couple of days so I’m alone in the appartment.. it’s pretty nice to get some solo time now and then. Been listening to Kents new single too much, I’m killing the songs..

Not much worth writing.. I’m updating the sections / adding sections as I go a long… I’ll be screwing around with them plenty in the future. There are some annoying bugs on IE which needs to be sorted out… I wish everybody could just convert to “Firefox”:http://www.mozilla.org life would be so much simpler.

Gonna take a walk to the store later..that’ll prolly be the highlight of the day heh… buy some stuff and make Flyin Jakob…need to use up some chicken.

I think what I’ll miss the most from here is the weather..and Pacifica in general… above is a pic I took with my spankin new K700i just now through the window of my bedroom. It’s 18C outside and a beautiful day.


3 thoughts on “t-minus ten days left”

  1. muuu

    du verkade ju ganska inne på.
    vad hette de
    där tråkjönsarna, killers ? (coolt namn, inte)

    Ta och kolla in The Bravery isåfall, om du inte redan har. Låter fan exakt likadant – fast de suger inte lika hårt som the killers.

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