Packed a bag .

I packed my new duffel bag yesterday, a real monster of a duffel can hold 108 liters and is just 2 inches below maximum size for checking the luggage at the airport. Got tons of stuff in it so I feel pretty sure I’ll be able to bring most stuff back to Sweden with me.

I’m feeling better these days, I’m feeling less dizzy when I walk around which is awesome’s nice just not feeling like you got a constant weird hangover. Eating just about everything, but in decent sizes. Avoiding caffeine and salty shit.

Just looked at a picture we took of my upper body when I was feeling horrible and had the rash all over. Looking at the picture makes me litteraly feel bad coz I was so down and felt like hell when we took that picture.

Chatted a bit with my cousin who’s in MS, USA. Appearantly she’s also gotten ill with some scabs/wounds on her tonsils. Sounds pretty awful, she’s been eating really heavy painkillers to be able to eat and just yesterday I think she got a shot which put her under for a while. Hope she get’s better. Unlike me she’s finding her education satisfactory so she’ll get back to school when she’s stronger. Hope she get’s better soon.

Packing up my stationary puter this week and finishing packing by the end of this week. Tomorrow I’ll probably go down and say my goodbyes to Santa Cruz…gonna miss that chill little town.


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