Bleh..sick of this..

I’m quite sick of being here now. And I’m sick of being sick. I’ve had some stomach pains lately when eating so i went to the hospital again yesterday to check it out. the doc checked my liver n spleen which were fine, it’s probably gastirisis or something like that.. i have probably got it from the painkillers coupled with eating quite little.. who knows… might have been some bad eggs i ate two days ago..

anyway im taking some antiacid now called maalox, not that i can feel it really helping that much yet… but in general its probably just about eating more yoggi, drinking a lot of water and keep eating this stuff.

its just like fucking typical throat is finally getting better and then i get some fucking problems with my tummy…like what the fuck, give me a break and let me eat in peace.

im gonna muster some strength and clean out the car tomorrow or on friday..probably friday..and then put out an ad for selling it like 1100-1200 bucks cheaper than i bought it..which is a pretty darn good deal for whoever wants it.

esh… anyway…im going back to laying down and watching anime.
im even bored with that now btw… in general im just sick of laying around, atleast i wanna go home and lay around so i can talk to my folks.


*Oh btw, I will be back in Sweden the 20th of February, I’ve just booked a plane ticket*

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