So god damn typical ..

waiting til friday to decide

update jan 17
3.20 pm

school closed today, some holliday will call tomorrow.
feel like fucking shiiiiiiiiiiit
woke up and spitted out a good amount of blood from a sore in my throat..i could like feel it running down my throat and if i leaned forward it ran slowly out of my mouth. it went over after a while. tried some yoggie, cracked my throat up again and started bleeding again…. fucking discusting.
my throat is sooo fucked.. cant really talk and everything i eat hurts as a motherfucker.. gonna try a popsicle now.

just took some tylenol and my fever went down which was back on as usual this morning.

i feel its unlikely that my school will grant me the priviliege of being homesick for such a long period of time as migt be required (prolly 2-3 weeks)… and i know im sort of a doomsday prophet but im mentally preparing to go home.

to be honest it doesnt feel like the end of the world if that would happen. this education is sort of like my last one and im like suffering through it… still you wanna finish whut u started and shit… ah well..

we’ll see what happens tomorrow.
my roomates folks are dropping by to check up on me which is really nice of them.


Just got back from the medical center, appearantly I have mononucleosis (kortelfeber in swedish) which means I might be sick up unto a month and can feel tired up to a year but usually for a few months.

I feel like shit, I had 39.3 celcius this morning when I got to the hospital. .. but usually its 38.5… i think it was that hight coz I was driving and bcoz it was warm.

My liver values are good and so far my throat has not swelled up too much. Gonna schedule another appointment with the hospital tomorrow.

We will have to see what the school sais. Worst case scenario is me quitting my studies over here completley. Next to that is skipping a quarter and changing class… there is still the case of settling the rent however.

This sucks so bad.

Small update..
I’m writing this most for myself…having problems sleeping. If it turns out tomorrow that the school cant give me some slack I will pull out and go back home.. for good… If it turns out I’ll have to make a break, I’m just not coming back. Not worth it. If I end up going home I’ll apply to Mitthogskolan why looking for a job.

3 thoughts on “So god damn typical ..”

  1. been there. Var bland det värsta jag varit med om. Kunde knappt prata för halsen var så jävla svälld. Borta lääänge från gymnasiet då

  2. Hey man, doesnt sound good at all what i’m reading here. You’ve caught some serious illness my friend. Hope ur gonna feel better soon.
    What’s that stuff about quitting/going home? Are u really getting tired of the US already, or is it just because this illness might be ruining ur school stuff?

    I hope to get some more positive news from u soon and get better man!

    Greetz from Holland,


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