i dont feel so hot .

Man.. yesterday I was all good, thought my cold was releasing me from it’s grip. So I took some Dymetadrine and cut back to my regular 1700 calories. The Dymetadrine kicked suprisingly well btw for a an Ephedra free thermogenic pill (you can use this to increase metabolism.. I will however use it just pre workout later on). Anyway last night when I got home from class I started feeling sore in my throat… and of course today I’m just completley fucked with a sore throat, constant sneezing and a running nose.. and in general I just feel sort of like shit. So now I’ve got a worse cold than before.

I’m soooo sick of being sick and not being able to go to the gym.
Aeh. Anyway.

I watched “Elfen Lied”:http://www.animenfo.com/animetitle,1443,vrezym,elfen_lied.html the other day. Bomb anime that should be watched. I’ve ordered the five available Berserk manga books from “Amazon”:http://www.amazon.com and I’m currently watching Chrno Crusade. Gotta do some homework as well. Not looking forward to getting up 8.30 tomorrow to go to school.

Right now tho I’m going back to bed with some hot water with honey and a ton of Halls (like.. Vicks in Swe).

Update. 3am.
little y


We LOVE you

the coughing sniffling sneazing
what the FUCK am I doing passed out on the kitchen floor
so you can rest medicine


You blessed fucking Q”

Bottoms up. Again. Sigh.

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