anime time has come .

Well. It’s time again. I usually take like year or two-year long breaks from the anime but now it’s time again. Enough series have popped up since the end of 2003 and during the year of 2004, time to see what’s new.

I just watched the current available 17 episodes of Samurai Champloo, the new series from the creator of Cowboy Bebop, must say this was a completley awesome series and I can’t wait for the final eps to arrive. Seeing this also made me realise that I needed to finish Bebop, of which I had only seen 3 episodes (so yes, now I’m watching Bebop, I’m on ep 7).

I also started watching The Legend of Condor Hero, crappy animation but fairly entertaining saga, appearantly based upon some famous chinese legend. I bet this anime sucks compared to the novel. I’m currently on ep 18.

What I’m really curious about right now is Elfen Lied which has popped up as nr 15 on “Animenfo”: and I’m looking forward to starting checking it out tonight.

I’m also looking forward to Bleach and Haibane Renmei

Oh yeah, there is a new volume, volume 27 out of Berserk.. you can find the torrent at “The Hawks”: .. for you uninvited.. this is perhaps the best manga/comic/reading ever made. Pic on top is mr Gatsu from this epic manga.

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