still in los angeles .

Hey. Short and sweet update. Got down here a good couple of days ago. Been to Hollywood, had a .. few.. beers there. Got back. Slept for a day. Christmas eve, the 24th came, me and Jim got like a ton of food of the Swedish Food mart at IKEA. Ate all that. Slept some more. Got sorta of a sore throat and a lil feverish, slept for like one more day. Just got back from “Six Flags”: where we did as many rollercoasters we could until the rain shut down the park.. yes, we managed to go there like one of the four days or whatever it rains in LA.

Anyway. My throat is a lil better, no fever..a bit of a cough…I’m gonna take it a lil easy. Maybe. We’ll see :) Probably leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow, we’ll see. Between the 29th and the 1st of January is when we got the hotel on the strip, or extremley close to the strip.

Anyway. Some photos will appear later.