A lil more hungover .

Ugh. Short updates continued.

Was in SF yesterday, Alcatraz closed early, we’ll do
that next time.

Went to Santa Cruz at like 19.oo in the evening last night,
Mr Jim got in the mood with a couple of beers before leaving. He then managed to crack one open in the glove compartment, as we were on the road, leaving my car with a nice aroma. Cleaned it up tho and threw in a Wünderbaum.

Got to SC at like 9, had a few, went out, were out until the bars closed down. Had a frikkin blast and met lots of people.

Oh yeah on a sidenote I discovered that there are quite a few swedes at Hayward, finally maybe I can party it up swestyle more often now.

We’re looking on hotels in Vegas for new years, most likely I’ll head down to LA around xmas and check out Hollywood and then head out to Vegas and check out some other stuff besides bars before finally partying it up between the 29th and 1st.

Cheeseburgers in Area51 instead of pinetrees in snow anyone?