motherfuckers dieeee

*”Link of the day”:*

Woke up today with fucking ants on the side of my bed eating away on a banana peel that I had left earlier that morning on a plate. I got up at like 12 you see and had some breakfast/lunch consisting of the usual tortillia, tuna, mayo and a banana… ate it in bed and watched an ep of “Battlestar Galactica”: (that link goes to SciFi’s page, altho only Sky One in Uk are currently airing it).

Anyway.. I went back to sleep after that for like an hour, and after that it was ant hell. We’ve seen some ants here before but took measures against them in form of not leaving shit around and keeping the place a bit cleaner. This time I fucking had it tho, I killed them all, flipped my bed around, vacum cleaned my entire room, went to the store and bought industrial strength poision baite (kills the entire fucking colony) + spray to seal up shit.

I’m guessing the fuckers come through the power lines so I’ve taped up a couple of plugs and made sure the my other power plugs firmly seals the ones in use.

On a side note “Half-Life 2”: is out, now if I only had time to even test it. “Blonde Redhead”: is performing in SF this week… if only I could afford that. Coolest news of today must be the fact that “NASAs Scramjet just broke 10x the speed of air”: .. fuck yeay.. we’re one step closer of Reagans promise of commercial jets flying peeps anywhere in the world in a couple of hours..(yeah he had the timeline slightly wrong).

The best drinks are still Sprite Zero & Diet Pepsi Vanilla
Gas is 2.25$ / gallon
And Liams car is fucked up