A lot of stuff going on

I got myself a new blog. It’s powered by “Textpattern”:http://www.textpattern.com , coz I’m just to lazy to write my own.. besides…why reinvent the wheel. Not sure how often I’ll update bu this is all RSS and stuff so the people who actually read feeds will just be able to enter this one in.

In case you noticed something has happened to the root of the site also.. and yes, it looks like you’re supposed to click the button but you’re not..flash crashed on me and that lil thing stayed a button..

I will be launching images/flash/stuff a couple of times each week, or further a part if I get the energy to get into something really cool… My new take on the whole thin is to try to do something all the time instead of just like once a year… I need to keep makin stuff and fucking not let my brain rot completley on TV-series and movies.

For those of you who are interested, I got the drives license, I got myself a car, I’m attending school like a good boy and I can not wait until I can start looking for jobs… but in the meantime…I’ll be right here.

More shit to come later.
Oh and yeah, my friend “Jimmy”:http://www.resedagboken.com/person.asp?id=5694
will be coming up from LA to stay for a week, he’ll arive somewhere around the 19th..
Currently listening to “The Streets”:http://www.google.com/search?q=the+streets