Weekend LAN

Weekend Lan

I’ve had a great weekend playing some computer games with my friends. After fucking around with Cider Ports and CrossWeaver for Games and Urban Terror I had enough and this morning I got up and installed Boot Camp. Both Martin and Jörgen did the same, Jörgen however ended up with some trouble and it took us basically the whole day of fiddeling around to get everything working. But this time we are ready for the next LAN.

Apple and Mac might be great for a lot of stuff but unfortunately it is still true that if you want a hassle free gaming experience you have to go Windows. Lucky for us that we had Boot Camp. I went up on Steam and bought Counter Strike Source (again I might add, I have lost one Steam account) and we tried it a bit before packing up. The next time though we are all set up (you reading Zek:) and ready to go.

Use Mac VNC client on Windows VNC servers

If you find Windows Remote Desktop annoying with the constant logging in/out (and don’t care to much to patch it for concurrent connections) you’re most likely going to go with VNC for that Windows install of yours.

Here is a tip, if you are running a VNC install on your Windows machine, say TightVNC, you can then in Finder just go to the menu and select “Go” and “Connect to server” (or just do COMMAND+K). You can then type in vnc://your.ip.adress:port and voila…you don’t have to use a VNC client for your Mac but can use the built in.

Boot Camp experience

Today I did the unspeakable act of installing Windows onto an Apple machine.
It made me feel like a dirty little girl is what it did..is what it did.

Anyway, the process wasn’t exactly painless since I after the first install got the “no disk error” which appearantly popped up because I was supposed to somehow figure out that I was supposed to re-format the partition that the boot camp guide pre-formated for me (uhm..). After I reformated (that is, deleting the partition that boot camp made and re-created it during win setup) I tried again and this time got another error message. Something about hal.dll and so on. Appearantly this could be solved by removing the extra 200mb partition that was there (that had some relation to the EFI..which is nice to have if you’re planning on Vista..which I’m not). Said and done, after I removed that everything went as smooth as silk and my Windows install is actually pretty god darn fast.

Why did I do it? To use a certain VPN client that was only available for Windows (and naw, it didn’t work well through VMWare of CrossOver). XBMC is a fantastic piece of software though…I installed it and noticed that it really doesn’t matter at all to me what OS I run on my “htpc” as long as I have XBMC!

On a side note, I need to get a cleaning cd for my Macbook Pro since it still refuses to burn DVDs (but burns CDs just fine weirdly enough).