I’m not feeling well but I’m having a hard time sleeping when he is this affected by something. Usually I’m up until I crash. He just fell asleep in my arms but I put him in his own bed where he sleeps better.

Hope I can shake this weird bug because it makes me feel physically exhausted.

New room for Oliver

New room for Oliver

During the weekend we have begun the work to create a new room for Oliver upstairs. To save space we are using a door that will slide into the wall into a “pocket frame” (pocket karm).

My dad helps (or more like I help him) to build the wall and so on and Lindas dad, being a certified electrician, put in all the outlets.

Oliver is sick again and is running a fever during the nights and he has got an awful cough that we might have to get checked up (again). I’m also under the weather and I’m running on fumes and ibuprofen. Linda is still going strong.

Heart outside of body

Heart outside of body

Oliver has been eating poorly and having more trouble sleeping lately because of his teething. Photo is from tonight when after he’d woken up and Linda snuggled with him in the couch. He was sleeping again after two minutes.

Sometimes he only wakes up and sits still, quiet in his dark room, waiting for the sandman, unknowing that I can see him through the nannycam. When that happens I often have to fight the urge to just go in and hug him (which wouldn’t help but wake him more).

When it happens though I can never sleep until I see him fall asleep. And if he doesn’t I’ll be there.


Dinner @ dads

Dinner @ dads

Oliver wants to fiddle with forks and spoons now, he knows how to do it himself now.. well.. sort of :) In all honesty he is a quick study and he doesnt mess around much; on the contrary he is careful and sometimes a bit too slow for his own good.

We still feed him the sloppy stuff and usually he only gets to eat by himself (with our assistance) once a day, this way we hope to scale it up slowly.

The photo is taken by Linda, it’s from today when he was a bit frustrated and got some special attention – and my plate (yey!).

He is also walking a lot these days and we are having to ask him to show us his walking less and less with him instead walking short distances himself.

Yesterday he not only pulled apart his Duplo Lego but also managed to put some parts back together.

Lots of “firsts”
He is the light of every day ♡

Zzzzzleep alot


Oliver sleeps a bunch these days. We think he is one of the few kids that sleep more because of teething. He usually sleeps 12 hours during night and then almost 2x2h (or 1h30) during the day. Today when we were leaving for dinner he didn’t wake up until we poked him… turned the fan off outside his door (white noise=magic)..we went in to his room..turned off the low volume music his nannycam has on…started talking..rolled up the drapes.. he just kept sleeping :)

Of course, as soon as I blogged it, the next day he wakes up at 4am, sad and disturbed by his teething which some formula/välling helps with to get him in a better mood. Still, this should be an exception to the rules lately