Telia adjust prices for mobile surf and new iPhone plan emerges

Telia Logo

Ah. Not a day too early. Telia, TeliaSoneras brand in Sweden are today adjusting their mobile surf prices and now you pay a maximum of 9 SEK (approx 1.1 USD) per day when you surf on your cell. This in stark contrast of before today when you were forced to use a custom portal called SurfPort in order not pay a steep price per MB when surfing online unless you had a special surf service.

SurfPort would have been a great idea a few years back, today it’s an outdated and confusing concept especially for a customer with a modern phone with a good browser such as the iPhone. It doesn’t make sense for people to be forced to go through some weird start page in order for them not to pay a premium for every megabyte. New subscription plans are also being launched for iPhone and new flat rate surf plans are also being made available. All in all I am very happy about the adjustments.


Large contact pictures in iPhone

I just tried a Facebook app that automatically fetches pictures and birthday dates from Facebook and profile pictures. Thing about this app is that it “downgrades” any eventual full sized contact photos you are already using. I think it’s pretty much an undocumented, the fact that if you use a large photo within the iPhone to set a picture for a contact – it will fill the screen instead of just showing a small thumbnail to the upper right.

Here, lemme break it down. If you set pictures for your contacts using the Adress Book in your Mac, only small pictures will show on the iPhone. If you set pictures for your contacts using the iPhone – it will use large photos.

I don’t use the app mentioned above for this reason, nor do I use the Adress Book at all to set my pictures, I’ve done it all from within my iPhone to get the nice looking full screen photos. Below are screenshots from the iPhone showing the differences.

Here I have set the image using Adress Book in my Mac



Here is the same photo, set within my iPhone