Waiting at arlanda


Linda trying out the amenities.. We left Sundsvall at around 23.30, arrived here in Stockholm Arlanda at arount 03:40. Everything was closed down so we waited around for a bit and finally ended up at these websurfing stations they have here to kill time. All the couches and seats of arlanda was already taken but as soon as a spot opened up Linda went to one of them. Personally I can’t relax enough to sleep at an airport with luggage right beside me (and the luggage lockers seemed sort of full) so I’m still surfing the net. Fortunaly good old McDonalds opens up at 6 so…only 40 minutes to go to some sweet food and drink.

We thought the night train would have some sort of drinks/food available but that wasn’t the case so we’re both kind of starved.

Americans invade

Liam & Grace

I’m getting ready to leave for Gothenbourg on tuesday. Long ass trip. Will be going down there to pick up Liam & Grace who will be arriving on wednesday. They’re gonna be here for a week in total and I hope to show them around here a little bit. Will be mainly the hometown but we’re also hitting Stockholm for two days. A week is really to short of a time but hopefully I’ll be able to show them a good time without cramming to much shit in.. after all it’s a vacation and you just can’t go from sightseeing to sightseeing… so I’ll prolly be a lot of chilling.. Also depends on this so-and-so weather. Anyway.. good times coming up. I have to check the oil in the ole SAAB also… make sure that baby doesn’t break down on me half way.. that’d suck major ass.

I’m on vacation in general until the 26e of june basically. Pretty fucking sweet. I’ll have another 3 weeks basically at the end of june. Well deserved and well needed. No? Well I think so :)

Hells yes

Just saw the latest “24”:http://www.tvtome.com/24 , where Air-Force One goes boom. Sequels rule since they often step it up a notch. More likely is that “they suck”:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0103644/ tho come to think about it. Anyway this last season, or day, have been somewhat slow.. maybe this will get things going. But 24 is a damn cool show isn’t it? Jack Bauer is like the ultimate bad motherfucker, I’m thinking he’d might just kick Punisher in the nuts. The show has been getting flamed by Arabs in the US because the show has a tendency to show them only as terrorists. Well woop-de-doo, flew that airplane into the twin-towers? Sure weren’t swedes. Also been taking heavy fire for the constant torture scenes in the show. What are these bitches whining about? It’s the torture, murder and violence that is the good stuff. Geez. Personally I’m still waiting for Jack to do a 1440° titty-twister on Marwan.

Got my hands on “The Wire”:http://www.tvtome.com/Wire DVDs .. gonna check that show out since the reviews seems awesome. I’m also following “Deadwood”:http://www.tvtome.com/Deadwood as well, is it just me who thinks the language is getting more and more complex? I mean gee, it’s stylish and nice n all, but there should be a limit to that old tounge so that you don’t have to stop and think if they just said they’re gonna ride a horse or cap someone. And in between the old tongue we got about a ton of “fuck”, “cocksuckers” and “whore”. This is like a typical Deadwood scene:


In other awesome news I got my book from Barnes & Nobles today, Kuntz Typography.. it seems awesome, all black, slick and shit. Yeah I know. I’m easy to woo.. My brand new “Boomslang Diamondback”:http://www.razerzone.com should be at the local post-office now too.. gonna go pick that baby up in a while.

*Google your house*
Man I just tested out “Google Maps”:http://maps.google.com new feature where you can use satellite imagery… awesome .. it felt really cool to be able to check out good old “Pacifica”:http://maps.google.com/maps?q=pacifica,ca&t=k&hl=en from above and in general just browse about. How long until we’ll se people do stunts and take screendumps of it from Google Maps? I’m thinking bonfires and elaborate parking of cars, etc.

Speaking of Google, their bot has been going nuts on my site lately and I’ve had about 60 bots in here today crawling through my entire blog.

t-minus ten days left

Ten days left until take-off. Liam went back home for a couple of days so I’m alone in the appartment.. it’s pretty nice to get some solo time now and then. Been listening to Kents new single too much, I’m killing the songs..

Not much worth writing.. I’m updating the sections / adding sections as I go a long… I’ll be screwing around with them plenty in the future. There are some annoying bugs on IE which needs to be sorted out… I wish everybody could just convert to “Firefox”:http://www.mozilla.org life would be so much simpler.

Gonna take a walk to the store later..that’ll prolly be the highlight of the day heh… buy some stuff and make Flyin Jakob…need to use up some chicken.

I think what I’ll miss the most from here is the weather..and Pacifica in general… above is a pic I took with my spankin new K700i just now through the window of my bedroom. It’s 18C outside and a beautiful day.



Well I’ll just join everybody else.
Fucking amazing.
“M” blew me away.
Whole single is great tho..

“Get it”:http://www.kent.nu

Everything is done here now btw.
Accounts closed, papers all in order..bags soon all packed.
11 days left.

Moved the blog to the root of the page.
More stuff will come online later as I finish it.
Finally settled for the easy approach… and
yes, site is designed for 1600×1200.. I don’t
care about the folks on 1024. Will change
the background at least every month..the
different sections will be..different.. only the
blog will be in a layer.


Packed a bag .

I packed my new duffel bag yesterday, a real monster of a duffel bag..it can hold 108 liters and is just 2 inches below maximum size for checking the luggage at the airport. Got tons of stuff in it so I feel pretty sure I’ll be able to bring most stuff back to Sweden with me.

I’m feeling better these days, I’m feeling less dizzy when I walk around which is awesome since..well..it’s nice just not feeling like you got a constant weird hangover. Eating just about everything, but in decent sizes. Avoiding caffeine and salty shit.

Just looked at a picture we took of my upper body when I was feeling horrible and had the rash all over. Looking at the picture makes me litteraly feel bad coz I was so down and felt like hell when we took that picture.

Chatted a bit with my cousin who’s in MS, USA. Appearantly she’s also gotten ill with some scabs/wounds on her tonsils. Sounds pretty awful, she’s been eating really heavy painkillers to be able to eat and just yesterday I think she got a shot which put her under for a while. Hope she get’s better. Unlike me she’s finding her education satisfactory so she’ll get back to school when she’s stronger. Hope she get’s better soon.

Packing up my stationary puter this week and finishing packing by the end of this week. Tomorrow I’ll probably go down and say my goodbyes to Santa Cruz…gonna miss that chill little town.


Laundry & Riddick .

Been cleaning up the room a bit today and getting my clothes organised. Sure is a gooood bunch of em, will be interesting to see if all fits the packing. Buying a new big duffel bag tomorrow.. in total I’ll have three big bags, laptop case and a small side bag. Excess luggage fee is around hundred bucks, which is pretty damn decent.

Done two huge loads of laundry which together with cleaning up just like sucked the energy out of me. I’m like an eighty year, I’m like constantly physically fatigued and a lil dizzy. Doing things peut en peut and sitting down in between. I’m, however weird it might sound, sick of almost all TV/movie… there’s not a lot I have patience / feel like watching anymore..

So to in my aid I got me a DVD of “Riddick:Escape from Butcher’s Bay”:http://www.riddickgame.com/ which had been getting some pretty darn nice reviews. And I can see why – it’s fun! It’s one of the extreeeemley few games I’m going to see through, last one was RTCW (no, neither Doom3 or Half-Life 2 entertained me enough). They’ve managed to capture the character of Riddick (who’s an absolute bad-ass) and it reminds me a lot of the movies. Impressing game.

Only 17 days left until take-off now. Sweet. Only a few more things to take care of and the packing. It feels a bit weird looking out over the ocean when the sun is about to set…that I’m like leaving something so nice for a much darker and colder climate of Swe… It always sucks to say goodbye sort of and I’m also a bit nervy about building a new plan and once again ‘starting a new’.

But just going home is a way nice start. I’m too tired to do anything much, and ain’t no place like home to get up and going again.

Oh and yes, I’ve had like two bagels with cream cheese and drank some milk. It was like taking a piece of heaven in my mouth (somewhat salt piece of heaven..but everything tastes salt after my bland diet).