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9/11 Building 7 Demolition Video

Isn’t it funny how those who think the offical story of 9/11 is true.. ? This video was shot on the other side of building 7 fires. Building 7 supposedly fell straight down onto its own footprint because of..some fires..

You can clearly see windows being blown out in this video. As if Larry Silverstein stating on video that they pulled the building wasn’t enough..

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What a night rofl

The beauties..
The beauties..
..and the beasts
Jorgen drank the entire downtown of San Francisco..
JD drank the entire downtown of San Francisco..
..aaaaannd JD brings the class!
..aaaaannd JD brings the class!

In Monterey

Call box on Highway 1

Yesterday we rented a car (a Kia Optima, cheap) and started driving down to Monterey here in California. When we got down we checked into our Inn and then went looking around at the shopping center and after that went down towards the downtown area where we had dinner. I ate a nice 16 ounze New York steak.

Anyway, we’re now leaving for breakfast, all amercian style at a place called “Katys place”, according to Google Maps and other sites, a nice place to get a pancake breakfast.


A day in SF

Lars holding mac

Went in to SF today and had some really good food and just walked around. Also bought the new 15″ Macbook Pro (Santa Rosa baby). It was a wee bit expensive but..oh I have a really nice computer and my god I’m really loving the whole Mac thingy.

Anyway it’s late, going to try to post some photos tomorrow.