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Finally! I got my Mac to work with Twonky and my Playstation 3. After having heaps of access denied and other problems.

First of all I updated the firmware to 1.90 on the PS3. The firewall on the Mac needs to be off or you need to configure open ports (if you want to do that, go ahead and Google it up). You need to turn on Sharing in iTunes and you need to enable personal file sharing for the Mac.

Also, in order for things to work smoothly I used the Airport Utility and configured my Aiport Extreme base station to always assign a certain IP to my Macbook Pro and to the PS3 (under the “Internet” icon and on the “DHCP” tab, given of course that you are using this). That somehow made a lot of the errors, disconnects and what not disappear.

Now that I know that Twonky works fine with the PS3 I have ordered myself a Qnap TS-201.

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Transformers & some favourite apps for the Mac


Went to see Transformers yesterday, man what a ride. Awesome movie, the SFX alone are worth the ticket. All in all I thught it was great, I didn’t even think about the “differences” introduced in the movie in contrast to the olden goldies. Like Optimus actually having lips, Megatron not being a flying Gun (always thought that looked like blah anyway).

Also, phew. After a while now I’ve started to find new good apps for the mac.

I looked long and hard for a good utility to convert videos on the Mac and after fumbling around with ffmpegx and the likes of it I just today found VisualHub (I’m too lazy to hyperlink this so Google ahead), it is an awesome little application that does exactly what it is supposed to do, no fuss, no nothing. Perfect for converting to my PSP and my PS3 (also of course works well with all the Apple stuff, Iphone, Ipod, Apple TV).
The app costs 200 SEK and I bought it.

Another favorite app is FlickrExport and KeywordAssistant, two apps I could not do without for getting my photos to my Flickr account in an easy manner. KeywordAssistant is free but FlickrExport costs like 160 SEK, I bought it.

I’m using Fetch right now for my FTP needs, but will look into other options later. John mentioned some app I will try out. For BitTorrent I am currently using Transmission, which does the job but it ain’t uTorrent, but that will soon be out for Mac.

Flickr, Mac annoyances, etc

Delores park

Above is a picture from Flickr, like the only one I have public right now. We actually bought a pro account just a few days ago to get unlimited uploads (it’s like 25 bucks/year) on Flickr (you already get unlimited storage for the free account, but you can only upload 100mb/month). I uploaded about 4 gigs of photos (like 1300) without a hitch from Iphoto using FlickrExport which I also bought for like 160 SEK. Flickr rocks.


Have been looking for a soloution to my problem with switching the MacBook screen off while having my external screen on. There doesn’t seem to be any good soloutions yet. Really freaking annoying. As it is now I have to almost-close the laptop lid which makes the Mac go into sleep mode (also putting the external screen into sleep mode).. then while the lid is closed I tap the button of my USB mouse which wakes the Mac up and for a moment puts both screens on but it quickly notices the laptop screen is still down so it powers it off. I can then raise my laptop screen, which is now off while my external monitor is on, and it will stay turned off until my next reboot (or the entire system goes to sleep because of me not using it).

Reaaaallly freaking annoying and I find it hard to muster that Apple has not made this easy. At all. I want to save energy and my laptop screen but it’s not like I’m supposed to. Moronic.

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Been workshopping in Växsjö for two days. If the word “workshop” was a person..he’d be a tool. Wikipedia states:

“A workshop is also a gathering or training session which may be several days in length. It emphasizes problem-solving, hands-on training, and requires the involvement of the participants. “

I’m so curious how the more down to earth definition:

“A workshop is a room or building which provides both the area and tools (or machinery) that may be required for the manufacture or repair of manufactured goods. Apart from the larger factories, workshops were the only places of production in the days before industrialisation. “

.. ended up in a corporate environment where you call almost any gatherings related to a task or a problem at hand with employees from different parts of an organization a “workshop”? Like why? “They were the only places of production in the days before…” – how did we go from that to the exact opposite of today? I’m not saying workshops are bad, I am saying though that they are not the place where actual productivity take place..and that it’s a stupid label (it’s a god damn meeting).

We’ve been talking about flowcharts. On that topic I’d like to point out how clumsy most of these tools are. And as with everything Microsoft Office, you have tools that are capable of tons but what users really need are a bare essential. I’ll argue that many Office products do more harm than good in a large corporate environment since the users are free to do whatever they like and as long as the user is defined by rules (and not physical limits set in place). More simplistic web products are more productive, easier to control and easier to collaborate around. Plus they’re dirt cheap.

Microsoft Visio for example can be extremely powerful if used right but it can also be pretty useless.The exported files from Visio 2003 are a mystery, generating a gazillion gif files, XML schemes and uses a JavaScript based solution for search.. which is all nice on it’s own but it doesn’t play well with other applications (say..any search engine that crawls basically). Why not simple HTML, what’s wrong with that? Why not an option for it at least? Hell why not Flash even? Anything but the shit it generates.

I sure as hell know what I would choose
if I started anything up in this day an age.

Ah anyway. Off to sleep.

Update Windows Media Codecs without installing WMP11


I noticed that the downloaded Windows Media Video files, WMV files, sometimes looked messed up, green, blue and distorted colors and I figured they were using a new and improved version of the WMV codec that my (I’m guessing version 9) didn’t quite go well with. Oh and I haven’t actually used WMP at all since I loath it, I use VLC or Media Player Classic for all my video watching needs.

Anyhow. I didn’t want to install Windows Media Player 11 but I wanted the codecs. What I did was:

..and presto, done, no need to validate anything and no need to install the actual player (which blows).

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The Best Shit Ever

I’ve come to the conclusion that people, well most people, in short everyone except me, don’t know what’s best for them. Therefore I think it’s important to tell you what you need and don’t need to have, listen to or use. I’m going to start of with a few apps/games everyone should always have installed on their system. And I will be talking about Windows stuff here since, well I use it, and I, as previously stated, knows what’s best.

*1) FTP*
This one is easy and most know it, for a client it’s Flash FXP. Maybe you like CuteFTP? Well you suck. Install Flash now. If you’re running a server use RaidenFTPD.

AcdSee. Now the question here is AcdSee Classic or not.. for most people Classic will do just fine, for us awesomely cool Manga fansub readers we might have to go with the latest version since it’s got better integration with archieves such as rar/zip. Whatever you do tho, disable the plugins for the later version that allows you to preview video.. or should I say try to preview but end up taking an hour and then stalling your system?

*3) MP3*
This is a complex one.. if you’re using an Ipod like me (Ipods make you cool, only thing Apple has made right), ITunes is just so simple and pretty..even
tho it’s a piece of shit software that hogs system resources (but hey Apple made it, so sort of a given). I use it as my Ipod / main library and when I just want to listen to music for on and on. My default Mp3 player is however Winamp. Now if you don’t use Audioscrobbler, go with Winamp Classic, if not get the latest
LITE version. Winamp has become bloatware like everything else and these days tries to be a general video player and supports video formats. Anybody who watches video in Winamp should be shot on sight.

Media Player Classic and as complement player VLC. Media Player Classic is just a thing of beauty, does nothing than what it is supposed to do, open source, zero bloat.. just a piece of work. VLC is a nice sidekick for those times a codec decides to go haywire or when you, for some reason, need to watch a video clip as it’s being downloaded (VLC streams almost all formats). VLC can’t be used as a standard player tho because the subtitle support ain ‘t all that. MPC combined with DirectShow filter tho is as good as it gets.

Needles to say Windows Media Player is the worst player ever. It’s shit and if you use it you’re shit. No not the shit just shit, a lame smelling turd nobody wants to be around. And yes Intervideo sucks too..and PowerDVD.

Miranda. Why use ass MSN/ICQ bloatware when this baby can use all those protocols, makes a point out of having a CLEAN interface with zero bloat and has tons of nifty plugins. Oh and it doesn’t support MSN audio/video yet, but that doesn’t matter because that suck anyway. Now next to Miranda you want to have Skype installed which is simply the one and only client to own when it comes to voice. If you don’t know why then I don’t like you but go to their homepage and find out.

*6) GAME*
You should always have a fresh copy of FuhQuake + Quake 1 on your harddrive. Why? FuhQuake adds awesome stuff to Quake (which is just so hard-ass already one might wonder if it’s possible) like high-resolution textures, colored lightning, smooth model interpolation.. but that’s just for tools, all cool people use FuhQuake because then Quake can look like this:


Which is awesome. Now if you never played Quake or don’t know what it is..I know who you are. Let me paint a picture for ya (and a poor one at that):


You’re that guy on the Counter-Strike server that always gets your nuts handed to you and just can not understand why that is. Here’s a tip for everybody who wants to piss on people and have a constant edge when it comes to FPS, play Quake for 3 years and for the first year more or less like 1-2 hours every day. That shit will make you a man among men. If you after that still get owned in CS it’s because the other motherfuckers cheat or are lucky and trust me, there are a lot of those.

Basically all the young players today are cheaters (13-18), how can they not be? They were sucking on their moms teat while me and my homies were destroying their elder siblings in Quake..rendering them hopeless alcoholics and abusers of their younger siblings..whom in turn got low self-esteem forcing them to cheat for recognition in future computer games!
Simple logic!

Eudora, and an old version at that.. and have the MS viewer disabled. People who need to change font or color or in general style their email are wrong. Just wrong. Stop doing it. It’s wrong, you’re wrong. Thunderbird or The Bat are ok alternatives. Outlook Express is for corporate tools who loves sending & receiving viruses. Spam? Only suckers get spam and if you get it, you deserve it.

Mozilla Firefox. Despite the monster memory leaks that popup sooner or later it’s sweetnes. Use Ad-Block with it. Now if someone could just write a content I could filter out every single piece of news related to reality shows.

Don’t use it. If you get a virus, well, just like spam you deserved to get it.