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Turn off music in COD Ghosts


Updated nov 21 to include annoying spawn music they added in patch

To turn off the annoying music in Call of Duty Ghosts go into your steam directory and into common and the ghosts directory. Then rename the files:

soundfile1.pak to _soundfile1.pak
soundfile59.pak to _soundfile59.pak
Added nov 21:
soundfile62.pak to _soundfile62.pak

RIP Peter Steele

You will forever remind me of late night LANs, TCC crew, late night (morning?) chats with Simon and teenage angst!

MotoBoy Hero

MotoBoy performs “Hero” in a version that is beyond superior the original. Personally I don’t think the girl (Charlotte) adds anything to this version. Just a boy and his electric guitarr. Check out for more of MotoBoy.

But ffs Spotify fix your integration

Fix your damn shit. This is like the millionth time the integration between Spotify and stopped working. I want to scrobble damnit!
On a side note, have you felt the speed of my blog? WP-Supercache plugin kicks freaking ass.