#Dice makers of #Battlefield must love balls

You love me! Hire me. Ill do a better job
"You love me! Hire me. I'll do a better job"

I’ve been playing Bad Company a lot lately (on mah PS3), it’s pretty fun but there are some things that are so damn stupid I want to kick someone. For instance why the h#€”€%! can’t I disable other fuckos microphones? It is so damn annoying to hear some 13 year old bitch or worse hear random background noise/music from some stupid asshole who has his EyeToy plugged in. Who listens to shitty euro techno while playing anyway? God give me strength.

Appearantly people have been complaining about this since 2008 and nothing has been done. This leads me to believe that DICE, the creators of this game, loves sucking balls. Why? Well they are obviously busy sucking big fat balls instead of just releasing a patch.

Edit: I wrote this post in may, but I didn’t post it. Figured they would fix it for 1943 so why bother. But oh no. Still can’t mute players. Man that must be some damn tasty balls you’re busy sucking #DICE?


Microsoft kills Sony

Microsoft eats them up. Seriously Sony. Do you have any idea how much you suck? Fix the following and all is forgiven:

  • Universal voice. As it is we use Ichat or Skype to smoothly get a game started.. on a separate laptop. It’s embarrassing. Seriously what function does your current voice/video support fill? Do you think you can compete with Skype and so on? You think I want to have your power hungry, quite noisy beast running all damn day when I can just use my laptop or Mac Mini which consumes about as much power as a couple of light bulbs.
  • I don’t want to login to some stupid webpage to see if my PSN friends are online. Ever heard of Jabber? Please make it so I can use any damn IM client (basically) to see my PSN friends.
  • Nobody cares about Home. You fooled us somehow to believe in the hype. Home is shit. Admit it. And nobody wants to start a game to enter a game. Weak.
  • Give us access to the RSX in Linux so we actually can use it for something.
  • Add support for all codecs. It’s..beyond moronic to have to transcode on a PC to play something on a machine which could play 6+ 1080P streams simultaneously.
  • Give us access to atleast the entire Sony Library of movies and music. And don’t just launch shit for the US. And make the EU Store as good as the US one. We also want a “demos” section and clear labels. God you suck so much.
  • Make producers of games on your platform understand that Mouse & Keyboard is something a lot of gamers want to use. And no it doesn’t have to be unfair, look at UT3 from Epic. When you start a server it’s a simple “Yes/No” checkbox to allow players with M+K. 
  • Ffs add support for USB headsets, enable output of sound through USB – not only input. Are you retarded?
  • Stop the bullshit about “only possible on Playstation”. A lot of your consumers aren’t fourteen you know, we’re not dumb as bricks.

Weekend LAN

Weekend Lan

I’ve had a great weekend playing some computer games with my friends. After fucking around with Cider Ports and CrossWeaver for Games and Urban Terror I had enough and this morning I got up and installed Boot Camp. Both Martin and Jörgen did the same, Jörgen however ended up with some trouble and it took us basically the whole day of fiddeling around to get everything working. But this time we are ready for the next LAN.

Apple and Mac might be great for a lot of stuff but unfortunately it is still true that if you want a hassle free gaming experience you have to go Windows. Lucky for us that we had Boot Camp. I went up on Steam and bought Counter Strike Source (again I might add, I have lost one Steam account) and we tried it a bit before packing up. The next time though we are all set up (you reading Zek:) and ready to go.

Split Fish Frag FX Rev 2 Review

So I just got my Frag Fx Rev 2 yesterday and it performs a lot better than I actually expected (then again, I was NOT expecting a true mouse/keyboard emulator). In general looking up/down works somewhat less as well as looking to the sides..but it still works a WHOLE lot better than the PS3 controls for an old PC FPS gamer. Here are the list of games (most of em the demos) I have tried it with so far along with my reactions:

Killzone 2
Sluggish, not the best of the bunch that’s for sure. 4/10 (doubtful if the fx will actually improve things much here). boring game though so i dont care

Pretty decent, much better than KZ2

Mirror’s Edge
Really great actually, I ran through the demo quickly.

Battlefield Bad Company
Awesome much.

QuakeWars Enemy Territory
Felt very nice.

In general it feels like where the games have been made for multi-platform in mind – the control works much better, like if the game were designed around a mouse and keyboard this control will work better. My guess is that’s because on those games they start out with mouse/keyboard and then add support for the PS3 control as where with a native PS3 only title they might never involve the M/K in the same way. Me guesses this will mean that most games will work pretty darn great with the Frag FX. For me it was certainly a halleluljah moment since I have completley given up FPS on the PS3 (can’t stand it).