Microsoft kills Sony

Microsoft eats them up. Seriously Sony. Do you have any idea how much you suck? Fix the following and all is forgiven:

  • Universal voice. As it is we use Ichat or Skype to smoothly get a game started.. on a separate laptop. It’s embarrassing. Seriously what function does your current voice/video support fill? Do you think you can compete with Skype and so on? You think I want to have your power hungry, quite noisy beast running all damn day when I can just use my laptop or Mac Mini which consumes about as much power as a couple of light bulbs.
  • I don’t want to login to some stupid webpage to see if my PSN friends are online. Ever heard of Jabber? Please make it so I can use any damn IM client (basically) to see my PSN friends.
  • Nobody cares about Home. You fooled us somehow to believe in the hype. Home is shit. Admit it. And nobody wants to start a game to enter a game. Weak.
  • Give us access to the RSX in Linux so we actually can use it for something.
  • Add support for all codecs. It’s..beyond moronic to have to transcode on a PC to play something on a machine which could play 6+ 1080P streams simultaneously.
  • Give us access to atleast the entire Sony Library of movies and music. And don’t just launch shit for the US. And make the EU Store as good as the US one. We also want a “demos” section and clear labels. God you suck so much.
  • Make producers of games on your platform understand that Mouse & Keyboard is something a lot of gamers want to use. And no it doesn’t have to be unfair, look at UT3 from Epic. When you start a server it’s a simple “Yes/No” checkbox to allow players with M+K. 
  • Ffs add support for USB headsets, enable output of sound through USB – not only input. Are you retarded?
  • Stop the bullshit about “only possible on Playstation”. A lot of your consumers aren’t fourteen you know, we’re not dumb as bricks.

Split Fish Frag FX Rev 2 Review

So I just got my Frag Fx Rev 2 yesterday and it performs a lot better than I actually expected (then again, I was NOT expecting a true mouse/keyboard emulator). In general looking up/down works somewhat less as well as looking to the sides..but it still works a WHOLE lot better than the PS3 controls for an old PC FPS gamer. Here are the list of games (most of em the demos) I have tried it with so far along with my reactions:

Killzone 2
Sluggish, not the best of the bunch that’s for sure. 4/10 (doubtful if the fx will actually improve things much here). boring game though so i dont care

Pretty decent, much better than KZ2

Mirror’s Edge
Really great actually, I ran through the demo quickly.

Battlefield Bad Company
Awesome much.

QuakeWars Enemy Territory
Felt very nice.

In general it feels like where the games have been made for multi-platform in mind – the control works much better, like if the game were designed around a mouse and keyboard this control will work better. My guess is that’s because on those games they start out with mouse/keyboard and then add support for the PS3 control as where with a native PS3 only title they might never involve the M/K in the same way. Me guesses this will mean that most games will work pretty darn great with the Frag FX. For me it was certainly a halleluljah moment since I have completley given up FPS on the PS3 (can’t stand it).

Palm Pre ftw

I think it looks just awesome! So great to finally see something that really seems like a competitor to the iPhone (and no, I’m not counting the Storm as one since BlackBerries are rare here). Me thinks that Apple has a few tricks up their sleeve and as evident by their patents they were actually going to use that “dead” surface of their touch screen sooner or later. We’ll see when we get the “iPhone 2,1

Rix FM MMS Stream on Sony PSP

Phew. That was a MAJOR pain in the ass. After going through all different kinds of solutions including the homebrews (PSPRadio and another one) and using the custom internet radio..and TVersity… and trying to transcode with VLC I finally….FINALLY got it to work.

My mission was simple, get the mms:// (windows media) stream of Rix FM to work on my Sony PSP (running the latest firmware). I really didn’t think it would take me like 10 hours :) What I am now using is Orb running on a virtualized XP install on my Mac Mini. Man alive..the freaking things you do so that your girl can listen to her favourite radio in the mornings…and for us not to having to shelve out for an internet radio.

Things would be SO much easier if stupid Rix FM would just go Shoutcast instead of RETARD windows media for their stream.

Update: I can soon get rid of running Orb in a virtual environment since an OS X version is around the corner

Telia adjust prices for mobile surf and new iPhone plan emerges

Telia Logo

Ah. Not a day too early. Telia, TeliaSoneras brand in Sweden are today adjusting their mobile surf prices and now you pay a maximum of 9 SEK (approx 1.1 USD) per day when you surf on your cell. This in stark contrast of before today when you were forced to use a custom portal called SurfPort in order not pay a steep price per MB when surfing online unless you had a special surf service.

SurfPort would have been a great idea a few years back, today it’s an outdated and confusing concept especially for a customer with a modern phone with a good browser such as the iPhone. It doesn’t make sense for people to be forced to go through some weird start page in order for them not to pay a premium for every megabyte. New subscription plans are also being launched for iPhone and new flat rate surf plans are also being made available. All in all I am very happy about the adjustments.


Media execs, watch and learn from

Crunchyroll is a video site like YouTube but specialized in anime. I knew that Crunchyroll had been talking about going legit and that they were signing some content distribution deals but I really needed to see it to believe it. Before they worked sort of like YouTube (and in some ways I guess they still do) for anime and had quite a lot of questionable material (copyright-wise) on their site.

They now offer streaming shows in high quality from their site, one of the absolute coolest thing is something they call “simulacast”, this means you can one hour after the latest Naruto airs in Japan – watch it in 720P on their site. Naruto and many, many more (and more coming) are available for only like 60 bucks a year. THIS IS PROGRESS.

In fact this is such a good deal that the largest supplier of Naruto torrents, Dattebayo decided to close down their subtitling of Naruto and instead refer to Cruncyroll and Viz Media (distributor who also offers Naruto in streaming for free, but a week after airing).

Now a streaming option for video I am much more apt to pay for than a streaming option for music, I would just like to be able to bring it with me in a portable format – I’d even be fine with DRM downloads as long as they worked on my iPhone/iPod.  (Oh and yes I know that you can rip streams but I’d rather not).

My only caveat with Crunchyrolls service is perhaps that they insist on using FLV which is not really a favorite and is a format that is also quite overly processor intensive. Then again I haven’t really checked..maybe their streams is MP4 compatible and I can watch them on my iPhone..I’m guessing not though. Anyway, since I do watch Naruto I will probably sign up for a year of Crunchyroll to try the service out. 

Someone..please..launch world-wide TV series/movies “Spotify” service. I’d pay way more for such a service.

MobiSpine är ute och cyklar

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Läste en artikel idag på IDG om MobiSpine som önskar bli nästa Ericsson eller Google. Viktigt med fantasi och visioner men skulle även säga att resultat och produkter spelar in. Förstår inte vad MobiSpine producerar som är banbrytande eller ens intressant för den delen.

RSS läsare som kan brandas och leva i många skärmar.. och? Skulle det vara innovation (idag)? 

Väntan på en regnig busshållplats. Du hivar upp mobilen och vill mobilsurfa. Hur börjar du? Du klickar fram några bokmärken, Aftonbladet och Expressen. Sedan kommer bussen.

– Du går oftast inte till en vanlig webbsida. Det är för krångligt. Egentligen vill man titta på annat innehåll. Men adresserna är för långa, säger Joacim Boivie.

Men snälla, ni menar att lösningen pÃ¥ detta är att “krympa” webben och anpassa till mobilen? HallÃ¥!? 2009 anropar! Varför tror ni iPhone säljer sÃ¥ bra? För att folk vill ha “hela internet i fickan”.

Och om jag nu skulle resa bakåt i tiden och skaffa mig en K750 så skulle jag precis som förut fortsätta köra Opera Mini. 

MMS är en tjänst som jag hoppas folk ska ha vett att gå ifrån. Det är en tjänst som göder operatörerna och som borde pensioneras i takt med att E-post i mobilen flyttar in. Möjligtvis kan det vara något i utvecklingsländer, men kurvan för dem för att gå från SMS til E-post och mer avancerade mobiler är SÅ mycket kortare än vad den varit i utvecklingsländer eftersom massproduktion och intensiv konkurrans kommer att mosa ner priserna.

Längre in på kontoret vilar en världskarta på två talkbjälkar. Den ska snart komma till användning, hoppas Hilj. Han har grandiosa visioner.

– Vi vill bli nästa Ericsson eller Google, fast på vårt område. Vi har kommit väldigt långt, men när vi som pensionärer blickar tillbaka kommer vi begripa att det här bara var början. Om tre år har vi flera hundra anställda och jobbar med flera hundra operatörer.

Ledsen att behöva säga det men ni behöver komma pÃ¥ nÃ¥got nytt om ni ska stanna i spelet. Artikeln pÃ¥ IDG kändes i det närmaste lite som en desperat annons. Betygen och användningen av eran RSS läsare pÃ¥ App Store borde säga nÃ¥got om hur lite den tillför en modern plattform – inget alls.