i dont feel so hot .

Man.. yesterday I was all good, thought my cold was releasing me from it’s grip. So I took some Dymetadrine and cut back to my regular 1700 calories. The Dymetadrine kicked suprisingly well btw for a an Ephedra free thermogenic pill (you can use this to increase metabolism.. I will however use it just pre workout later on). Anyway last night when I got home from class I started feeling sore in my throat… and of course today I’m just completley fucked with a sore throat, constant sneezing and a running nose.. and in general I just feel sort of like shit. So now I’ve got a worse cold than before.

I’m soooo sick of being sick and not being able to go to the gym.
Aeh. Anyway.

I watched “Elfen Lied”:http://www.animenfo.com/animetitle,1443,vrezym,elfen_lied.html the other day. Bomb anime that should be watched. I’ve ordered the five available Berserk manga books from “Amazon”:http://www.amazon.com and I’m currently watching Chrno Crusade. Gotta do some homework as well. Not looking forward to getting up 8.30 tomorrow to go to school.

Right now tho I’m going back to bed with some hot water with honey and a ton of Halls (like.. Vicks in Swe).

Update. 3am.
little y


We LOVE you

the coughing sniffling sneazing
what the FUCK am I doing passed out on the kitchen floor
so you can rest medicine


You blessed fucking Q”

Bottoms up. Again. Sigh.

anime time has come .

Well. It’s time again. I usually take like year or two-year long breaks from the anime but now it’s time again. Enough series have popped up since the end of 2003 and during the year of 2004, time to see what’s new.

I just watched the current available 17 episodes of Samurai Champloo, the new series from the creator of Cowboy Bebop, must say this was a completley awesome series and I can’t wait for the final eps to arrive. Seeing this also made me realise that I needed to finish Bebop, of which I had only seen 3 episodes (so yes, now I’m watching Bebop, I’m on ep 7).

I also started watching The Legend of Condor Hero, crappy animation but fairly entertaining saga, appearantly based upon some famous chinese legend. I bet this anime sucks compared to the novel. I’m currently on ep 18.

What I’m really curious about right now is Elfen Lied which has popped up as nr 15 on “Animenfo”:http://www.animenfo.com and I’m looking forward to starting checking it out tonight.

I’m also looking forward to Bleach and Haibane Renmei

Oh yeah, there is a new volume, volume 27 out of Berserk.. you can find the torrent at “The Hawks”:http://www.thehawks.org .. for you uninvited.. this is perhaps the best manga/comic/reading ever made. Pic on top is mr Gatsu from this epic manga.

Ibland blir man ratt less

Är för trött för att skriva pÃ¥ engelska. Ã…kte pÃ¥ en riktig snorförkylning när jag var nere i södra kalifornien, pop. kallad So Cal här i staterna. Är hemma nu och kurerar mig. Var en jäkla resa hem ocksÃ¥. Först stängde I-5, stora fina motorvägen, pÃ¥ grund av snöfall… detta efter att man köat i 2 timmar… sÃ¥ dÃ¥ fick man vända, Ã¥ka ner en bit och ta 126an mot 101an som är en slöare väg efter kusten… efter lite kö där i en tvÃ¥ timmar sÃ¥ stängde den ocksÃ¥ eller nÃ¥got.. well kö var det och less var jag…

Så jag tog 33an upp mot bergen, snö och skit var det där.. men gick bra o köra och var skoj att se lite puder igen. En och en halv timme in i bergen och när det är ungefär bara 20 minuter kvar att åka innan jag kommer ut mot I-5 igen (som bara var stängd en bit) så får en tradare slut på soppan framför mig. Var bara och vända om.

När jag kommer ut på 101an igen så är den öppen, men vid det här laget är jag cpslut, hade klivit upp runt 6 för att skjutsa simpa till LAX.. och klockan är väl nu runt 4 på dagen. Efter att nästan nickat till vid ratten stannar jag efter vägen och fäller tillbaka stolen och slaggar i två timmar.

En fem timmar senare är jag hemma, efter att ha kört större delen av resan i fetregn. Poppade 2 Red Bulls, 2 color, en snickers, en twix, en stor kaffe på donken och en cheeseburgare för att hålla mig vaken.

Betty funkade fint hela vägen dock, tappade en av mina fula plast navkapslar på nervägen dock.. men köper nya förr eller senare.

Har hållit mig inomhus sen jag kom hem i förrgår, försöker kurerar mig så jag kan börja träna igen. Lyssnade mycket på Anna Ternheim och Winnerbäck på hemvägen btw. Fasen bra grejer.

Skolan har tekniskt sett börjat här men jag har sjukanmält mig, vill ta det lugnt lite till innan man börjar fara omkring igen.

Bilden ovan är från när vi är på väg ner mot Las Vegas btw.

back to reality .

It’s 5.22am. I’ll be driving mr jim to LAX in about 30 min and then head back up to SF again. Gonna be fucking boring to drive but it’s gonna be nice to get back up to NorthCal again and to my own bed…and to the computer… I’ve got an annoying cold I need to remedy by a couple of days in bed too.


still in los angeles .

Hey. Short and sweet update. Got down here a good couple of days ago. Been to Hollywood, had a .. few.. beers there. Got back. Slept for a day. Christmas eve, the 24th came, me and Jim got like a ton of food of the Swedish Food mart at IKEA. Ate all that. Slept some more. Got sorta of a sore throat and a lil feverish, slept for like one more day. Just got back from “Six Flags”:http://www.sixflags.com where we did as many rollercoasters we could until the rain shut down the park.. yes, we managed to go there like one of the four days or whatever it rains in LA.

Anyway. My throat is a lil better, no fever..a bit of a cough…I’m gonna take it a lil easy. Maybe. We’ll see :) Probably leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow, we’ll see. Between the 29th and the 1st of January is when we got the hotel on the strip, or extremley close to the strip.

Anyway. Some photos will appear later.

the leaving song .

Sitting here guzzling down two or three cups of coffe before hitting the gym. Tomorrow I take of for LA. Will be leaving here around 11pm, make a stop by CostCo to pick up some water and proteinbars and then head on down to highway 5. Will be at Mr Jim’s place around 8-9 pm.

Been listening a lot to The Faint lately, their new album is fucking rock solid.

Anyway. Gtg, time for some pecks.


stuff and some stuff

I got a note from the swedish tax agency..or however you wanna translate that.. stating that I owed them like 2000 bucks.. which sorta ticked me off since I had already payed them that. Got a bit freaked out but turned out they had made a mistake and I actually owed them 10 bucks..

“CSN”:http://www.csn.se took it sweet time to give me money, in fact I still haven’t got them. The magic paper, signed by the school insuring that I am in fact a student there.. that grants me the cash seems to have magically fucking disappeared after landing in Sweden. That’s what you get for paying 23 bucks for a global express mail… They gave me a break and allowed me to fax a copy tho so money should be here by monday..monday is gonna be a busy day, first hit Hayward and pay the tutition and then drive to LA. Sort of looking forward to the long drive tho, wanna listen to some albums.

Got my american temp. license extended today, why I still havent got the permanent version is a mystery, no biggie tho. Applied for social security number too.. will be here in two weeks. Going to IKEA tomorrow to get a coffee table, also buying wireless router of this dude from craigslist… oh and shopping at CostCo (sells items in bulk – cheeeaap).

Need to find a car mechanic and turn my car in on friday or saturday to change timingbelt (kamrem in swedish) just to be on the safeside for the long drive. Also need to get a prepaid T-mobile account for roadside emergencies…and to get people to stop bothering me about not having a cell.

If you actually read this far I’m deeply concerned about you.
Made some new..uh..stuff..:

Workout is going sweet.

pushing forward & harder

Most people chill the fuck out when on hollidays, me, I go on a diet and a strict workout routine. See I don’t have the time and energy for this when I’m in school, well.. to an extent, but not to do it the way I want to. Kicking off the day with cardio and finishing it up with weights just don’t work when you got school and boring shit in between.

New goal is the infamous sixpack by summer 2005. To achieve this I’ll be doing abs every second to every day and do a variation between a good 50 excersies. Despite knowing better I will incorporate doing a 500-1000 crunches in it too… altho this is more like cardio and should sort of induce muscle breakdown it’s appearantly working for some people. We’ll see.

Calorie intake will be around 2000 when working out, effective intake (food minus workout) has to land around 1300-1400 / day for at least 2-3 months. One day a week I’ll cheat and do a 600-900 kcal meal, hamburgers or whatever.

Calorie intake in the beginnin will be 60% high quality protein, 25% carbs and 15% fat. I’m guessing I’m about 16-17% bodyfat about now (YMCA estimate), I need to get to like 6%. I’ll eat 6-8 times a day, ZERO carbs in the late evening. Protein an hour or two before bed. 180-200 grams of protein each and every day.

Start every day with complex carbs in the morning, oatmeal, glass of pure orange juice, an apple, some eggwhites or a protein drink.
Other than that we’re talkin lean beef, chicken breasts, spinach, carrots, tomatoes..the greens.. and some fruits.

Pre workout will be protein, “Dymetadrine”:http://www.ast-ss.com/Products/ProductPage.asp?ProdID=98 , water and eventually some food. Post workout will be, again, “Protein”:http://www.ast-ss.com/Products/ProductPage.asp?ProdID=26 and some “Creatine”:http://www.ast-ss.com/Products/ProductPage.asp?ProdID=18
followed by dinner. I’m drinking water like a motherfucking mule.

I’m also straying a bit from the MAX-OT approach and will be spending more hours in the gym. I’ll also incorporate isolation excercises a tiny winy bit more than before, the variation is needed.

Let’s see if I can keep this up.
It’s on now.

Tracks of the moment:
“Modest Mouse, Float On”:http://www.modestmousemusic.com/
“The Faint, Desperate Guys”:http://www.thefaint.com
“Rilo Kiley, It’s a Hit”:http://www.rilokiley.com
“Gwen Stefani, What you waiting for”:http://www.gwenstefani.net